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Nyrex - Cracked Platform
 Started by cnullT, 2021-04-15, 01:13
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cnullT  #1 
LC Staff

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Auth custom
Hwid Lock
Good support
Easy to use
Riot Servers, Garena


Download Loader from this "here"
Login and download files from nyrex
Extract files, Open the loader nyrex auth
Go to config and apply your hwid
Run as Administrator auth select league nyrex and install!


Windows 7 or higher
Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable
MS Build Tools 14.0
.Net framework 4.5.2 or higher
.NetFramework 4.6.2 DEV

How to buy and payments
Buy cheaper in League Pack's (Click here to check packs)

Nyrex Price 20 EUR
Nyrex+ Price 20 EUR (included bypass + nyrex) ask for details here (the number of slots is limited)
Access lifetime
Access Loader
Subscriber Zone
Rank Subscriber
Available Payments (click here)

If you want buy, please contact e-mail: [email protected]
Or in PM Forum If you do not receive a reply from email.
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ZetoS  #2 
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About platform

→ Undetected only with version Nyrex+
→ Multi-Language Support (EN, CN, BR, RU, TUR, VN, KR etc)
→ Supports Full Champions (Fully customizable Premium champion logic+)


Premium EvadePLUS
Fully configurable Spells
Dodges Lines, Circles, Rings, Cones
Dash, Blink, Flash Support

Premium Orbwalker
Hotkeys for Combo, Mixed, Lane Clear, Last Hit, Flee, Spellfarm
Stick to target, Jungle Plants, Hold Radius, No Minimap Movement
Dont Autoattack in Combo option

Champion Hud with Exp and Cooldown
Side Hud with Health, Mana, Ult, Summoners and Last Seen
Trackers: MIA, Wards, Traps, Jungle Timers
Radar, Gank Alert, Turret Range, Clones, Recalls

Supports Full Champions
Fully customizable Premium champion logic+

FPS Boost
Stable running in the background and no drop problems

- Premium Prediction
- Premium Target selector
- Skin-Zoom Changer
- Built-in Item and Summoner spell Activator
- New Rework Logic+[Irelia-Samira-Seraphine-Jinx-Draven]
And more!

Nyrex Platform Videos

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coxons  #3 

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Nice, I will try later after hanbot.
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wreckitmax  #4 

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Remember to always use version +

have fun :smile:
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Aimbot000  #5 

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Nyrex looks like a copy of toirplus :biggrin:
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