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League of Legends Exploits Service
 Started by krwei2f, 2021-04-15, 16:17
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League of Legends Exploits Service


Shop Exploit - Lets you connect to any player's shop with just his summoner name.
Spectator Mode [Semi Fog of war] - Lets you watch the game without delay.
Cross Gifting - You can gift to anyone in any server as long as it is a [Riot server] ex. NA can gift to EUNE player without 24h delay as long as he has correct amount of RP
Bots - You can set those 5 difficulties: Null (spawn standing afk) Intro (moves after 15 mins) Easy / medium / DOOM
Any skin in custom - You can use ANY SKIN ex. King Rammus which was avaiable only for BETA TESTERS of LEAGUE (AVAIABLE ONLY FOR CHAMPIONS THAT ARE SELECTABLE AS BOTS)
See enemies in ARAM - Lets you see enemy team champions in champ select
Role protection - You get protection from getting auto filled so you can play ur role 100% of the time.
Surrender Exploit - You start a surrender vote for your team, but you win the game if all 5 players vote yes (forces enemy nexus to explode) [DJ SONA / Spirit guard udyr / Yone only]
Name Exploit - Hard to explain, basicaly you don't name yourself, if u bot accounts, you can just use this method to get LvL 30 account then sell it so the client can namechange for free: name looks like: d201daec-9524-4864-98af-1296b7b2912b
Buy champions - you can buy any champion without loosing blue essence.
Aram Boost - [Patched in 11.4 - bypassed in 11.4] You can activate ARAM boost without having the RP balance for it. - All players get a random skin unlocked + bonus BE
Duplication Exploit - duplicates your loot, level 4 - 900 skins accounts & so on. Doesn't work on skin shards that are already mixed (no champion but full skin shard)
Multiple Games at Once - Lets you play up to 3 games at the same time. Winning grants you triple EXP, triple BE.
Lobby / Custom Gamemode - [Patched 11.3 - bypassed 11.5] Let's you play any gamemode in any map/q If its present in files (ex butchers bridge is up 27.08.2020) or with any working gamemutator (passives: urf, doombots etc)
Yasuo Q - instantly charge your Q (1Q for tornado) // works on all stackable skillshots like Ashe Q yone Q... azir W XD etc.
Draft Bans - Lets you ban enemy already picked champion in Draft/Ranked game - If you ban before game starts & if he already picked champion - it makes him dodge the Q
Premade Exploit - Go into Ranked SOLO-Q as 5 men premade
RP Exploit - Buy RP for free with no real information. 7200rp for free. Literally. It's not carding like some dumb idiots say to you ha tru Vandrils wannabes
Ranked Exploit - [11.5 - still works XD] You can play soloQ with 10 friends or flex with 5 :) [also custom game as 10 premades (lvl 5 accounts can get rank]
Clash Exploit - Let's you play CLASH LOBBY anytime as 5vs5 custom (need 10 players) - to farm free emotes & skin shards per game.
Chat Restriction - You can't /all chat but you still can change RestrictedChatInitialMsgs = 3; RestrictedChatMaximumMsgs = 5; RestrictedChatAddMsgTimeInSeconds = 240; so who cares?
Honor - Spam requests to receive keys fragments / honor orbs/ get in 1 day from locked honor 0 to honor lvl 2
Crash Client Exploit - [Ressurected in 11.5] Let's crash streamers again - tool in discord.[Semi Patched on EUW/NA]
Activate PASS for free - Ye, don't pay to earn toens, ust activate the stash :3
See enemies - you can see enemies IN GAME real time update + you can see the picks in champion selects (what they pick in ban phase before they lock/their turn comes in)

If you want buy or have a questions, please contact e-mail: [email protected]
Or in PM Forum If you do not receive a reply from email.

Remember we are only an intermediary in the sale of this service, we will find the best offer for you.
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This service is still working, some of the above services may already be patched, you can ask in the e-mail that are currently working.
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